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We are a company with many years of experience in washing of all types of trucks, we specialize in washing tank trucks that carry chemical substances. We wash tank trucks after contact with chemically inert substances (e.g., manufacturing component, organic solvents, various types of resins, various types of oils, fuel additives and the like).

Search in the below mentioned compilation, whether a substance that interests you (chemical compound / product) is present - we will certainly handle it. If it is a "non-typical" or very toxic substance in question, then please contact us by phone, e-mail or fax with us. We discuss this with a chemist and you get as soon as possible a return information.

Organic compounds

1-methoxy-2-propanol, isopropanol, carbamic acid hydrazide, amino acid (mixtures), betaine, caprolactam, azethylokostearylischer alcohol, cyclohexanol, tetrachloroethylene, N, N-dimethylformamide, ethanolamine, diisobutyl phthalate, diisononyl phthalate, Dimethysulfoxid DMSO, diethyl butanol, formaldehyde, glycerol, paraffin , Ethyl acetate, furfural alcohol, glycols, pentane, triethanolamine, isobutanol, technical oils, styrene, turpentine, vaseline, lactic acid.

Inorganic compounds

Sodium chloride, zinc chloride, magnesium chloride, iron chloride, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, iron sulfate, water glass, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide


Abeson, Acidomix, Acrodul, Acronal, Acumer, Acusol 445, AD BLUE, Actiphos 640T, Altex 4700, Bayerfit, Bergafat B30, Caradol, Catenex SNR, Chelamid DK, Cleraclor S-45, Desmophen, Dilexo AK 6150, Emal D270, Empipearl XA 500, Epidian, Estromal, Exarol 41 SRD, Keroflux, Kronowax, Latex 500, Norsodyne
Polimal, Polaris S313, Primal, Sasolwax, Synthetic resins

* The mentioned names of the preparations form the property of the respective units and have been mentioned here exclusively for the purpose of inspection.

Unacceptable products

KL1, KL2, KL4.2, KL4.3, KL6.2, KL7.

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During our many years of practice, we have worked on effective and safe methods for dealing with many "problematic" substances. In some car washes, it is not possible to eliminate the pollution caused by such substances.
Basically, we wash all sorts of trucks, especially those that transport food and chemical substances.

During the tank car wash process, the driver can take advantage of our fast food, watch TV or meals.

The washer has the appropriate equipment and (electrical and water / steam) transitions that allow the heating connection to the tanker wagon shell. It is also possible to carry out the heating and steaming of the tank wagon parts (compartments) with the help of the special installed system.

In the case of a prolonged washing process or in urgent circumstances, tank truck complexes or semi-trailer trucks may park temporarily, because there is a fairly large parking area here.

If it happens a not too big breakdown on the way, we are able to help and also carry out quick repair, because we have a number of spare parts for saddle tankers.

All washing processes of tank trucks for transport of chemical substances, which have so-called increased risk, are consulted with the chemist of our company.

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